Does this scenario sound familiar?

1. You think that you need to lose weight and look “perfect” in order to be loved and feel happy.

2. You start to chase happiness by trying to lose weight.

3. You feel unhappy because, let’s be honest here, dieting sucks.

4. You lose a few pounds, yet you don’t feel happy.

5. Because you have been so miserable on this diet, you decide to “treat” yourself by going off the wagon for a meal… or two…ok, three.

6. You gain the weight right back, feel unloved, unhappy and alone.

7. You go back to step one.

If you have tried dieting and hated yourself for failing, you are not alone.

Before coming an expert in the food industry, Chef Alina Z also faced her own share of demons when it comes to weight loss, body image and the deep-rooted psychology that can prevent us from loving ourselves.

In this book, she shares a fresh new approach to food and reveals her easy-to-implement program that will give you the tools needed to fall in love with yourself and create your own empowering Couture Nutrition® Solution for a healthy and happy life.