If you have been over-indulging during the winter months and are craving a detox or simply want to jump-start a life-long path to health, I want to recommend a little beginner cleanse. In the past I used to recommend juice and smoothie cleanses, but I know they can be expensive and challenging for those who are new to healthier eating and cleansing.   This is why I want to share a very eAZy cleanse that costs about $15 and is perfect for beginners.

First of all, why try a juice cleanse to begin with?
Even though we are watching what we eat and make the right food choices, toxins still lurk into our bodies. For example, if you go out to eat, then you have pesticides and toxins in your system from non-organic foods that are found in most restaurants. The unpleasant side effect of having them in our systems can be seen in weight gain, low energy, unclear skin and many illnesses.

By doing a simple detox, you will give your digestive system a vacation so your body can get rid of harmful toxins, boost its energy, release extra weight, promote deeper sleep and reduce stress. Think of the detox as you think of dry cleaning your clothes – a necessary part of life that helps you look and feel great!


  • Do a nutritional consultations prior to the cleanse (I offer them and happy to support you)
  • Eat light, plant-based foods before and after your cleanse to ease in and out of the cleanse
  • Drink lots of water
  • Chew the baby food so that you activate your amylase enzymes that are produced in your mouth


  • Don’t eat heavy foods such as bread and animal proteins right before and right after the cleanse
  • Don’t use the cleanse as quick fix – it is a reboot for the system and not a crash diet
  • Don’t pressure yourself into doing a long cleanse if you are not ready.

OK, so are you ready to know what this cleanse is all about? It is about babying yourself!!

Instead of buying juices that leave many hungry or making smoothies that take time and need proper storage, I am now doing a fast with Plum Organic Baby Food!

I buy 2 sets of 18-pouches of baby food that comes in 3 flavors – banana/pumpkin, pear/carrot/blueberry and pear/spinach/pea. Then consume 10 pouches in a day, which is roughly 700 calories.

Because these pouches are pasteurized, technically many vitamins are destroyed with heat, and therefore I recommend adding blue-green algaes to the the cleanse days in order to get an extra antioxidant boost. I like to either do a shot of MultiMineral Greens or take 500 mg of chlorella, which help cleanse the blood and boost energy. It’s best to take blue-green algaes with coconut water as together they can create a better blood-cleansing result.

What I like about this cleanse is that it’s convenient to have with me when I am on-the-go, it has some fiber to keep me full and it’s organic. It is a calorie-controlled cleanse which puts the body into fasting mode, so I can give my digestive tract, liver and kidneys some rest and an opportunity to reboot.

I looked through many brands and chose Plum because it has the least amount of sugar per volume, keeping me satisfied without sugar jitters. I usually do 4 green pouches, 3 yellow and 3 purple a day to get balanced nutrition.

Personally, I like to do this cleanse for 1-2 days a few times a month in the spring and then in the summer. I advise you to listen to your own body (and doctor if needed) before doing this cleanse. But for me, this beats a juice cleanse simply because I don’t have the time to make fresh juices every day and it’s hard for me to cook for clients and be hungry.

Let me know your thoughts!