A few weeks ago UN issued a report saying that we have about 12 years to avoid a catastrophic breakdown in our environment. It sounds extremely scary and I hope that this wakes people are to the fact that each and one of us can reverse this if we make small changes in our lifestyles.

And if you ever complain about crazy weather changes and turbulence in the air, then it is time to do something about it.

With that, I want to share a few simple ways YOU can help make it a better world for us and for the future generations.

1. Reduce meat consumption
This is definitely the #1 Way we can change our environment because conventional farming is not just cruel to the animals and our bodies but also to our planet. If you skip eating meat just ONE day a week, you will have an enormous effect. Check out Beyond Meat Bratwurst or The Impossible Burger – they will blow your mind! Absolutely amazing products that will make you forget about conventional meat.

I have Beyond Meat products in my freezer at all times, just in case I have a craving. Check out this Easy Chili Recipe and this Chickenless Chicken Pesto Pita Pockets.

2. Shop local
By buying produce that’s local, you are taking away the demand for foods that are coming from other countries, which requires planes, trains and automobiles (ok, maybe not trains, but you get the idea!). Transportation creates pollution and pollution destroys our planet.  You will also get better-tasting fruits and veggies, since they are going to be ripening longer vs being picked green.

3. Choose Organic
By choosing organic produce you reduce pesticides and herbicides that are not just harmful to our bodies but to our environment. You can even buy organic on the budget by shopping at stores like Costco and Trader Joes, buying bulk when produce is in season or on sale and freezing fresh berries and cooked dinners in your freezer for later use.

These are the easiest way YOU can reverse climate changes. Check out my YouTube Channel for easy recipes and great meat substitutes. Your body and your planet will thank you!