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A little Naughty, But Mostly Nice Holiday DrinksOne of the things I often hear from clients is that they don’t want to give up their wine or other alcoholic beverages. I am a big believer in balance and sometimes that may mean having a drink, especially when you are celebrating the [...]


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  If you have been over-indulging during the winter months and are craving a detox or simply want to jump-start a life-long path to health, I want to recommend a little beginner cleanse. In the past I used to recommend juice and smoothie cleanses, but I know they can be [...]

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Jon BEFORE at 195 lbs


Jon AFTER at 145 lbs


Back in 2010, I weighed 195lbs. It was the heaviest I have ever been and I was consistently lethargic. My mind sought adventure and a desire to take on the world, however, my body just wasn’t cooperating.

My dear friend and neighbor then just met Alina Z and started consuming her green smoothies in the morning and throughout the day. His smoothies consisted of wheat grass, kale, blueberries, chia seeds, bananas and more. From these smoothies, not only did I see his waistline shrink, but he had an enormous amount of energy too.

This newfound energy, of course, helped him with his career directing large-scale community events. A few months later I also met Alina and started to incorporate a variety of green smoothie and juices in my life and the results have been tremendous.

From this quality nutrition, I lost 50 lbs and my energy  level has skyrocketed. Finally, my body was in line with my desire to take on the world. My job requires me to travel and write and to stay in hotels and speak to doctors, patients, medical and business professionals and more.  This newfound energy has not only helped me tackle multiple projects, but  it has made me conscious of what I put in my body.

In addition, it has my mind sharper, improved my romance level in my  relationships, made my skin glow and has brightened my  outlook. It is neat how a simple alteration in my diet has created a whole array of positive change.  Je ne regretted rien!

Jonathan Welsh
Miami Beach, FL


Abigail Nagorski, Lifestyle Center Culinary Instructor


The moment I met Alina I knew she was a very special person.  She is filled with such a huge array of talent, knowledge and passion.  I learn something new every time I work with her.  Our customers really respond to her method of teaching and look forward to her classes each month.

Each of her classes has been full with a wait list within the first few days of registration.  She is such a pleasure to work with, as well as inspiring.  I look forward to hosting more events with her in the future.

Abigail Nagorski, Lifestyle Center Culinary Instructor
Whole Foods Market, Boca Raton


Andrea G., Arlington, VA  

I highly recommend her program and her approach.   

Not only can Alina create nutritious and delicious meals, snacks, and juices she can guide you to a clearer more cognizant mind!  It isn’t a typical “therapy” session with Alina.  It’s a discussion with an old friend!  If you don’t believe me.. check out her blog!  She takes any situation you present to her and puts it in terms you can relate to.  For example:  I would be having a hard time in my personal life and Alina, knowing my preferences, was able to take my situation, analyze it, and present it to me in terms of a shopping experience.  Her ability to dissect and get to the root cause of situations, present them in ways that one can understand, and address them helped me get to a calmer and more productive space in life.  She is true in her thoughts and will tell you what you need to hear but in a kind, warm, and loving way.

She helps one to clear out the toxins… not only in ones diet.. but in their lives.  Her advice, like her food (especially the Kale chips and green juice) is fantastic and cleansing.  You feel energized and refreshed after a session with Alina.

Andrea G., Arlington, VA

Robert, Business Development Manager,
Boca Raton, FL

I feel great and my friends have even noticed a difference in my being!

When I first started drinking green smoothies I had been feeling full and heavy and my workouts were sluggish. Today, it has become a daily regiment where I make a fresh green smoothie every morning and have it around the same time, late morning.

Robert, Business Development Manager
Boca Raton, FL


Having multiple food intolerances and Crohn’s disease, I was searching for a nutritionist that could work with my unique needs and help guide me to better health (and loose a few pounds along the way!) I immediately connected with Alina’s approach to nutrition- grounded in eating whole foods and not depriving yourself, her philosophy about body and blood type and its effects on our weight and health-and decided she was the right fit.

Having a food company, I felt I’d tried most everything – but Alina introduced me to new super foods to add into my repertoire.

During my session with Alina I had a full flare of my Crohn’s, and together we were able to calm the flare with foods that supported my medication and advice from my doctor.

In our discussions we went way deeper than just nutrition, tapping into why my body was upset and not following the direction of my mind. About two-thirds of the way thru the session my body and mind finally felt into sync.

She has taught me to rethink why I ate, what I eat and how to eat, and most importantly to listen to my body and what it is telling me. Nutrition is more than just nutrients and calories – it is giving your body what it TRUELY needs when it needs it – something Alina has taught me.

Carey G, Owner


Odette Maria Artime

Alina offers her undeniable knowledge about living foods in a way that engages you from the start.

After knowing, working and observing Alina there is one comment that goes without saying….She is the consummate professional. Alina is serious about the importance of nutrition and how to achieve optimum results using food as the medium for curative measures, which is why her presentations are so unique and inspiring….she takes the burden of learning off of the participant and infuses her workshops and classes with fun so you don’t even recognize how much you are  learning. Alina is simply at the top of her game, and it is so refreshing to work with and know someone that is passionately walking her talk.

Odette Maria Artime